fan fiction: how do I love thee

A/N: I don't think I'll have any new readers pop up here (honestly, I'm not sure anyone's left on LJ at all). BUT on the off-chance that someone does show up and want to read the others in this series, numbers 1-3 are in the How Do I Love Thee tag.

Disclaimer: I still don't own jack. Or Jack. *cries*

#4 Perfection Is Overrated

She was perfect. She was absolutely bloody perfect, and Vala hated her.

How was she supposed to compete with that anyway?

Dr. Holly Sampson was an anthropologist and new to the Stargate program. But she'd already proven herself invaluable to Daniel as they worked to piece together histories and cultures of various worlds.

The woman was brilliant, there was no question about it.

And she was beautiful. Vala might not have been so irritated by the woman's presence if Dr. Sampson had had the decency to be a stereotypical unattractive geek. But no. She had to go and be utterly beautiful to boot.

No way Daniel wasn't going to fall for that. She was as close to his ideal as anyone could ever get.

Vala had been fooling herself all this time. She was all wrong for him—always had been, and she knew it.

She'd just been banking on the fact that Daniel didn't know it.

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fan fiction: color me crazy
A/N: So this is a silly little thing that popped into my head while I was working on a longer D/V piece. But I figured if anyone got into the whole adult coloring thing, it would be Vala. And I had fun with this. Hopefully someone else will enjoy it too. A wee bit of angst, mostly fluff. No beta, so please excuse any errors.

Disclaimer: I don't own a darn thing.

Color Me Crazy

“Daniel!” She came bounding into his office, almost vibrating with excitement.

“Mm?” He didn’t look up from the article he was reading. It didn’t much matter to him if the commissary had a different flavor of ice cream today or whatever it was that had her all a twitter.

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article: will they/won't they couples

So I found this article, and it included several of my very favorite shows and very favorite ships. And my all-time #1 OTP took the #2 slot. So I'm sharing to spread the love. :) Hopefully someone will enjoy.

fan fiction: the only water in the forest is the river epilogue


Back in the Library.

River sat with the children, once again reading her diary to them. It wasn’t quite as painful now. She could enjoy looking back on the memories.

She was telling the story of 1969. It was one of her favorites--an adventure with the Doctor and her parents combined with delivering a crushing blow to the Silence. Good times.

She had just reached the climax of the story when the Doctor himself showed up.

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fan fiction: the only water in the forest is the river chapter twenty-seven pt. 2

The Doctor was still explaining things to Clara. “Trenzalore. I've heard the name, of course. Dorium mentioned it, a few others.” He soniced some of the overhead wiring. “Always suspected what it was, never wanted to find out myself. River would know, though.” He pulled down a cable. “River always knew.”

River felt a flicker of surprise. She really hadn’t expected the Doctor to mention her again. Did he know she was there?

No, that couldn’t be right. He’d just said she would know--if he realized she was there, he’d ask her.

Still, it was nice to hear him acknowledge her.

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fan fiction: the only water in the forest is the river chapter twenty-seven pt. 1

Chapter Twenty-Seven

The problem with an afterlife was that it gave one entirely too much time to think.

At first River figured the Library computer was a temporary holding place until the Doctor could figure out how to save her for real. He always came for her; this would be no different.

Finally she realized he wasn’t coming to rescue her, but she thought he’d at least come to say a proper goodbye. She’d delete herself once he did that--eternal imprisonment, no matter how nice the accommodations, really wasn’t her style.

But he never came.

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fan fiction: the only water in the forest is the river chapter twenty-six pt. 2

They ran along a raised corridor connecting two buildings. “Professor, go ahead. Find a safe spot,” the Doctor said.

Oh, you’ve got to be joking. “It's a carnivorous swarm in a suit! You can't reason with it.”

“Five minutes,” he insisted.

Oh, fine. “Other Dave, stay with him. Pull him out when he's too stupid to live. Two minutes, Doctor.”

River, Anita, and Lux made it to a reading room. River used her sonic to test the shadows. “You know, it’s funny,” she mused. “I keep wishing the Doctor was here.”

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fan fiction: the only water in the forest is the river chapter twenty-six

Chapter Twenty-six

All right, so it was up to her to create a way out again. River fired at the wall with the squareness gun. There, they had an exit. “This way! Quickly, move!” They climbed through the wall.

It took a couple more times of shooting holes in walls before they arrived at a reading room that seemed safe. “Okay, we’ve got a clear spot! In, in, in!” They scrambled inside. “Right in the centre, in the middle of the light, quickly! Don't let your shadows cross.” She gave the Doctor a couple of minutes to work before saying, “There's no lights here. Sunset's coming. We can't stay long. Have you found a live one?”

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fan fiction: the only water in the forest is the river chapter twenty-five pt. 2

Books were flying off the shelves. Was the Vashta Nerada, whatever it was, actually throwing books at them? Seemed too crazy to even contemplate. But maybe River’s brain wasn’t quite in top form today. That was a definite possibility. More books came flying, and Miss Evangelista whimpered. “What's causing that? Is it the little girl?” River asked.

“Well, who is the little girl? What's she got to do with this place?” the Doctor said. “How does the data core work? What's the principle? What's CAL?”

“Ask Mr. Lux.” Although River knew he wouldn’t answer.

It didn’t stop the Doctor from trying. “CAL. What is it?”

Lux’s response was predictable. “I'm sorry. You didn't sign your personal experience contracts.”

The Doctor jumped down from the desk where he’d been sitting. “Mr Lux, right now, you're in more danger than you've ever been in your whole life. And you're protecting a patent?”

“I'm protecting my family's pride.” River could almost respect the fierceness of Lux’s tone.

“Funny thing, Mr Lux, I don't wanna see everyone in this room dead because some idiot thinks his pride is more important,” the Doctor said.

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fan fiction: the only water in the forest is the river chapter twenty-five

A/N: Don't know if anyone's left here still reading. The entirety of this fic has been posted elsewhere, but I'd forgotten to update here! So I'll catch it up over the next few days, just in case someone is still interested. :)

This chapter covers "Silence in the Library." And I still don't own Doctor Who.

If you missed Chapter 24, you can find it here.

Chapter 25

During the visit to the Dupondian spa, one of the stylists had dyed River’s hair a lovely reddish hue.

The Doctor had pitched an absolute fit when he saw it. River tried to calm him down for days and finally just gave up and changed her hair back to its natural color with a box of hair dye she conveniently found in the TARDIS.

But as she finished her last minute preparations for the expedition, River decided that she wanted the red back. She missed her mum, and this seemed like a nice tribute.

She ended up with a sort of strawberry blond shade that she liked quite a lot. She wished Amy could be here to see it; her mother would have loved it.

There. Now she was ready to head off to the Library.

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