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A/N 1: For those of you reading Finding Home, I have neither forgotten nor abandoned it. I am tweaking the last chapter and hope to have it done soon.

A/N 2: Back in 2011 or 2012, when I was reading pretty much every fanfic ever written, I found a lovely story called Mistletoe Woes by an author named lifeistoobrevis on Livejournal. I don't remember details, but I remember the premise being that Daniel wouldn't kiss Vala under the mistletoe. He was willing to kiss a nurse though, because it "didn't mean anything."

That story and indeed the author's entire LJ account has since been deleted and purged. I wanted to reread it, because I remember liking it, but it's gone.

This is not an attempt to recreate that story-merely my take on that idea. However, if the author of the original happens to stumble across this and declares it too similar to his/her work, I will of course take this down.

For now, I hope someone enjoys this little bit of holiday fluff.

A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

Vala loved Christmas. She didn't care much about the religious aspect, but from what she'd gathered that wasn't particularly unusual. But she adored the sparkle. Twinkling lights and brightly colored ribbons and fragrant greenery were strung all about the SGC. For once, the place didn't look so drab and boring.

She also got a kick out of the delightfully cheesy holiday movies her friends introduced her to. And speaking of friends...people were actually getting her presents! Gifts from Cameron and Samantha were already in her quarters, waiting to be opened on Christmas Day. Teal'c had promised to bring her some trinket from off-world. Even a couple of SFs mentioned their intentions to buy her something. It was all so exciting.

Daniel had been remarkably tight-lipped about the holidays and even grouchier than normal. He didn't actually go around saying "Humbug!" or anything, but he still reminded her of the old man in that movie with puppets she'd watched. In all fairness, he probably did have more than his share of ghosts from years gone by. If only he were willing, Vala would happily make his future cheery and bright. But he wasn't, and she'd made her peace with that. Mostly.

They were friends though, good friends, so surely he'd give her a present. She'd spent ages tracking down something for him.

Presents and decorations and sappy movies aside, Vala's favorite part of Christmas was the mistletoe. Someone at the base (it wasn't her! Honest!) had hung mistletoe everywhere. Vala was having a delightful time of it. Daniel seemed to go out of his way to avoid the stuff, but sooner or later she was sure she could catch him under a sprig.

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fan fiction: finding home chapter 9

Chapter Nine—Who Needs a Bookshelf Anyway?

The shelf was definitely not going up tonight.

They settled on the couch with their pie and coffee, and Daniel said, “So tell me about New York. I don’t have great memories of it, but I bet it was your kind of place, huh?”

“I loved it. A whole city full of interesting people and fun things to do. I never, ever got bored.” She hesitated, then said, “I’d love to take you--the whole team really--and show you the sights.”

“I’ve seen most of the sights, but yeah--I’d like to see them with you.” His eyes met hers, something soft and enigmatic in his expression. Vala felt the air almost crackle between them and swallowed hard.

Maybe they did need to put that shelf up. Because she needed a diversion, and fast.

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fan fiction: finding home chapter 8
If you missed Chapter 7, you can find it here.

Chapter Eight--The Stuff Dreams Are Made of

Daniel stumbled to his office the next morning, bleary-eyed and feeling a strange sense of deja vu. How many times had he spent his nights comforting Vala (as much as she’d let him anyway) following one of her nightmares? He’d long since lost count

It had even been the impetus for their relationship all those years ago.


Over the years, Daniel had grown accustomed to Vala scampering into his office late at night (or the wee hours of the morning). He’d never really thought too much about it, although her askew sleep mask and tousled hair amused him and her sometimes random outbursts annoyed him. But it had taken him far too long to realize why she kept showing up in his office at all sorts of crazy hours.

But shortly after they returned from Baal’s extraction, Daniel learned the reason.

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fan fiction: finding home chapter 7

Chapter Seven--Friends

True to his word, Cameron arranged a celebratory dinner for Vala's new apartment. “We'll do a housewarming party, good and proper, when we get you all moved in. But this weekend we'll just hit Dickey's for some grub and enjoy the down time.”

Cameron was such a sentimental softie, Vala thought with affection. Dickey's Barbecue Pit was where they'd gone to celebrate her making the team all those years ago. Now they could celebrate another milestone there.

Vala did not ride with Daniel to the restaurant. She rode with Cameron and Carolyn, feeling very much like their child in the backseat. She missed Samantha ferociously, but the colonel was back on the Hammond.

Far more people showed up at the restaurant than Vala had expected. She'd known the team would be there. And Carolyn and General Landry. But she hadn't expected Walter and Siler and Dixon and Bill. Teal'c had even managed to get Ishta there somehow.

And Daniel arrived, a cute and charming redhead in tow.

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fan fiction: finding home chapter 6

Chapter Six—Situation Normal, All Fouled Up

In spite of his pretty-sounding words, Daniel wasn't around any more often over the next few days. By this point, Vala had careened past frustration, disappointment, and hurt. She was bloody furious.

It didn't help matters that she was slowly going wonko.

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fan fiction: finding home chapter 5

A/N: A million, million apologies for taking so long. I had a demonic time getting the next 2 chapters hashed out. I hope you're all still with me! But I know where I'm going now (yay!), so updates should be a whole lot more regular now-I'm aiming for twice a week. This chapter is sort of transitional; it will kick of the second arc. Hope you enjoy!

Since it's been ages, here's Chapter Four.

Chapter Five—Search for Normalcy

"I'll call you soon," Vala told Bryce as she prepared to leave with her former teammates.

He nodded, eyes red and jaw tight. She knew this was hard for him. It wasn't any easier for her, really, saying goodbye. As thrilled as she was to be reunited with her friends, she did care an awful lot about Bryce. He'd been her dearest friend for so long. Vala hugged him hard, sniffling. He kissed the top her her head. "Take care of yourself, okay?"

"I will," she promised thickly. "You too. And thank you—for everything."

"I was glad to do it. You know that."

Vala nodded and kissed him quickly. She'd better do this now, or she'd never manage to do it at all. "Bye."

She hurried to catch up with the others. Daniel refused to even look at her, but Samantha touched her arm gently. "Hey. You all right?"

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fan fiction: finding home chapter 4

Chapter 3 is here, if you need a refresher. :)

Chapter Four—Revelations

She was here. She was really, actually here. Five years, and they'd finally found her.

And she'd been here on Earth the whole time. Daniel shook his head in disbelief, words escaping him completely. So much he needed and wanted to say, and none of it would come.

So Mitchell spoke instead, his grin wide. "Good to see you, princess. We've sure missed you."

That brought her head around. Vala stared at them open-mouthed. "You...you missed me? After what I did?"

Mitchell snorted. "What, saving our asses?"

"I betrayed you! I took Matthias up on his offer and left with him!"

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fan fiction: finding home chapter 3
In case you missed it, Chapter 2 is here.

Chapter Three—Lost and Found


Although she'd lived among the Tau'ri for years, Vala knew she'd never blend in perfectly with "normal" Earth residents. But New York had a reputation for diversity and acceptance. She figured she'd fit there better than anywhere else.

She slept on park benches for a couple of days then found a shelter.

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fan fiction: finding home chapter 2

If you missed Chapter One, find it here.

Chapter Two--The Betrayal


Cameron had been right about the pre-death torture. The Alliance wanted to make examples of them.

Their poor team leader looked almost as bad as he had after tangling with Replicator Merrick on the Odyssey.

Daniel and Teal'c hadn't been returned to the cell yet. But Vala could hear Teal'c's anguished roars.

Anything that could make the Jaffa sound like that couldn't be good.

No one had come for Vala yet, and she wondered why. Maybe it was the Matthias she knew, and he remembered his debt to her.

She'd like to talk to him—she had a rather different payment in mind.

One of the guards approached the cell, dragging Daniel in tow. The archaeologist was in similar shape to Cameron. The guard threw him unceremoniously against the wall and turned to Vala. "Your turn. The boss is eager to see you."

Marvelous. Vala was eager to see him too.

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fan fiction: finding home prologue and chapter 1

Finding Home

A/N: I've been working on this piece forever. I know exactly how it will end, but I got bogged down in the middle-how to get to that ending. I have a better idea now, so I thought I'd start posting the chapters I have done so far. Any feedback is appreciated-it may even help me flesh out that path to the ending!

Way back when, the fabulous Spacegypsy did some beta work on this, so thank you to her for that and for her ideas. However, any mistakes you find are 100% my own.


"Vala, don't do this, don't you dare do this!"

"Sorry, darling. Guess I couldn't keep up the act any longer. Never was any good at being a good girl. Surprised I kept it up this long, really." She activated the rings. "Goodbye, Daniel."

"Vala, NO!"

Five years later…

Twirling a long blond strand of hair around her finger, she stared at the computer screen in fascination. A tricky one. Nice. She didn't get many tricky ones.

"Any closer?"

Vala looked up. "No, not yet. Someone did a very good job with this."

"Well, I'm sure you'll get it soon."

"Of course I will, love. That's why they pay me the big bucks."

He chuckled. "Indeed."

That one little word hit her like a staff blast. After five years, it really shouldn't hurt anymore, but sometimes it did. Right out of the blue something would remind her of everything she'd lost, and she'd be left reeling from the pain.

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