fan fiction: first kiss

"I still can't believe you ended up with him," Jeff said.

Of course you can't, Rory thought. You always thought she'd end up with you.

His shift at the hospital had run long, so Rory was late meeting Amy and Jeff and Jeff's date Lucie. The three were already eating and chatting, so clearly his absence hadn't bothered them too much. He slid into the seat next to Amy. "Sorry, sorry. You know how it goes."

Amy made a noise of acquiescence in her throat and leaned toward him for a kiss. Rory meant to keep it to a quick peck—they were in public, after all—but Amy and quick peck just didn't go together. When Amy Pond kissed, it was full-on snogging. She ended up half on Rory's lap, arms wound him, the kiss growing more and more passionate. Rory had never been comfortable with this sort of public display, but he could never resist Amy. He got swept up every single time.

Still, it was kind of fun making Jeff watch.

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